service team

Service Team

First Level : Sr, Instrumentation Project Manager

A person, who visit customer sites and attend to customer service requests, form this team. We perform the first level of working Capability and commitments of in time completion of Projects. As the project manager needs a huge Experiences and Strong technical background to handle the projects. Our team leader has Extensive Engineering & Control Automation experience to help team in better comprehension of field problems. An Instrumentation team, who carry out Installation & Commissioning activities with in-time Commitment for Project delivery, our project team leader has supports them with the help of e regularly attending the new Product trainings, to continuously update his knowledge and in trouble shooting skills also arranged the in-house trainings for his Instrumentation Team.

Second Level Technical Support :
This group consists of Engineers, who have higher technical exposure and deeper understanding of Installation and Commissioning experiences of all types of Process control Instruments. As he worked for Oil and Gas Industries as an Approved Team leader (Permit Holder) for Petroleum Development of Oman (A Oman Government Company with collaboration Shell UK which also known as the world’s 3rd no’s highest Crude Oil explorer company) Every member of his group has prior hands on experience and years of working skills in their fields of specialty and demonstrated abilities. His knowledge in Instrumentation-Installation, Calibration and maintenances will help him to enhance our field support and good quality work. This group escalates any installation / field service problem. This group also acts as a repository of all-technical documentation and records for the projects. They interact with Technical support department of our principals for escalation.

Workshop Support :
Priti Enterprises has its own established and full-fledged Instrumentation Maintenances and Calibration facilities workshop with the help of top Quality Master Test Equipment’s and Technically approved procedures. All Testing Equipment will be Calibrate through National Accredited Calibration labs with proper certification. We are also responsible for spare parts ordering and deployment.

Testing and Fluid Flow Calibration Facilities up to 4" Lines Size with Max Flow of 100 M3 / Hr with Traceability of ISO / IEC 17025 NABL Standards. Beyond 4" up to 200" (5000 MM) Line size, Portable Clamp On Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter with Accuracy of 1% with Max Flow of 750 M3 / Hr with Traceability of ISO / IEC 17025 NABL Standards

Testing and Air Flow Calibration Facilities up to 1" Lines Size with Max Flow of 120 M3 / Hr with Traceability of ISO / IEC 17025 NABL Standards.

Testing and Calibration Facilities of Pressure Elements up to 400 Bar and Temperature Elements up to 600 Deg. C with Traceability of ISO / IEC 17025 NABL Standards.

service team

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flow calbration with ultrasonic

flow calibration facility

Help Desk Contact Details :

+91 - 20 - 27130143
+91 - 99228 36415 / 99231 36667

The Emails are registered with Priti Enterprises and are entered into our Email Management System and are tracked regularly for the completion.

Help Desk

Standard Procedure for Email Registration & Escalation :

All Emails shall be registered with the Help Desk. Depending on the nature of complain, the Workshop Engineer shall try to close the call over the phone or inform the Account Engineer for onsite rectification of the problem. Customer / Clients, who need support, must inform the Help Desk by Call or by email and leave a short description of the issue to be attended along with the following details.

The Help Desk logs the Emails and tracks it, till the request is closed.

Any Emails that is not responded within the committed time is escalated to the Team Leader for his attention and immediate action and calls pending closure more than a week is escalated to the Departmental Head for immediate corrective action.

Organization of the Support Team :

Customer Coordinator would primarily undertake the following
Coordinate with Priti Enterprises Support team to provide required inputs and act as single      point of contact
Assist Priti Enterprises team while providing support to the customer in resolving the      problems.

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